Over the summer I’ll be scaling back on work but I’ll probably find time to listen to a few podcasts, read a few blogs and possibly even the odd book. If you’re looking for vaguely work related content to keep your brain ticking over through the summer then you might want to check out some of my favourites.


Conversations of Inspiration Holly Tucker founded Not on the Highstreet and is now running a shop and café in London while championing small business. She has been interviewing business founders for her podcast for a year or so, giving you lots of back issues to trawl through if you enjoy the format. Following a conversation with Holly the interviewees read out a letter they have written to their younger self. This sounds a bit cheesy but is actually very interesting and they contain some real gems.

How to Fail with Elizabeth Day This podcast is all about failure but not in a depressing way, rather almost a celebration of what we can learn from our mistakes. Elizabeth has some great guests who share some very openly about the strugges they have had and it’s reassuring to know that the ‘overnight successes’ we see were also getting things wrong as they learnt their trades. I particularly enjoyed the recent episode with Phoebe Waller-Bridge, writer and actor from Fleabag and writer of Killing Eve.

What Works with Tara McMullin (Gentile) This is quite a serious podcast but it looks at all aspects of business and has some great, fresh ideas. If you are looking for some business food for thought then this one is for you.


Entrepreneur. As much as I hate the word Entrepreneur I do love this blog. They have such a wide range of content you’re sure to find something to pique your interest from business tips to controversial debates. Enjoy!

Talented Ladies Club. This is another magazine style site that covers a wide range of topics from lots of different business owners and experts. You will find the full range from serious (How your small business can help fight cancer)  to lighthearted (What are the benefits of Hot Rollers ?) and everything in between.

Lifehacker. Admittedly this has limited business content but anything that makes life easier is going to have a positive effect on your business isn’t it! Recent gems include: How to find out if your AirBnB is legal (could be handy) and What to tell your kids instead of ‘5 more minutes’ (this one I’ll be printing out and sticking to the fridge)


Shoe Dog by Phil Knight. If you haven’t read this then you really should. It’s the story of Nike shoes and I got it on a whim, had it for ages before reading because I wasn’t convinced I’d enjoy it. How wrong I was! It’s an incredible story and really affirming, particularly if not everything in your business is going exactly as you had planned. I’m not going to say anymore, just read it!

Year of Yes! Shonda Rhimes. Shonda is the incredible writer of not just Grey’s Anatomy but also Serial, M is for Murder (FILL).  She was also a very self contained individual who didn’t take risks (except in her writing) until a throw away remark by her sister made her decide to say yes to all opportunities for a whole year. The book is the story of how this changed her life and is funny, inspiring and educational all in one.

If I could tell you just one thing Richard Reed. This is a book that is easy to pick up and put down. Richard is the founder of Innocent Drinks and credits his trajectory from street corner stall to household name to 4 pieces of advice he has been given. He asks everyone he meets for one piece of advice and this book is the culmination of the best. Read just one a day for a burst of inspiration or sit on the beach and gobble them all in one go…

I hope you find something in there that you enjoy. I’d love to know your favourites in each category?

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