Welcome to day 1 of my app-vent calendar!

Over the next 25 days I am going to be sharing an app a day, kind of like an advent calendar but for apps. I’ll be giving you and overview of what it does, how it works and how to set it up. I’ll try and keep them free where possible but sometimes the paid ones are worth a mention for the amazing things they do.  Will your favourite make the list?

Day 1 – Headspace!

As the holidays season starts to take hold it’s easy to lose perpective and tempers. There seem to be so many things to do in an increasingly short space of time. Keeping your head in all this bedlam can be a challenge. Taking a little time out each day to make sure you breathe can make a big difference.

One thing that has been scientifically proven to make a huge difference to our stress levels is meditation. But how do you do it? Where do you start? And how do you fit it into your already packed schedule?

The Headspace app answers all these questions. You can use a free version which is a set meditation for each day or you can get the paid for version which enables you to choose what meditation you want and has sections on stress, for kids, anxiety, sleep, focus and more.

I’m thought meditation wasn’t for me but this is really down to earth and easy to listen to, nothing woo woo about it. Try their free version for a little bit of headspace through the coming frenzied weeks.

If you do decide to opt for the paid for version then it’s a very reasonable £5/month (paid annually). But you don’t need to, you can just listen to the free version if you prefer.

Do you use apps for meditiation? Headspace is not the only one so let me know if you have any others to recommend.

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