Screenshot of Luminosity gameAs it’s the weekend I’ve gone for an app that’s a bit of fun. Luminosity is a ‘brain training’ app which claims to improve the way your brain works. If you like having a game to play for a few minutes then their free version allows you to play just 3 of the many games in the app each day. For those of you who might find free access to games a bit addictive then this could be a great compromise. You can play the 3 games, allegedly improve your brain skills and have a bit of fun.

The games fall into different categories; some improve memory, others reflexes and some challenge your problems solving. The app tracks your progress with the games and you can see how you improve. Some of them are quite tricky and it’s very satisfying to see things improving day on day.

If you are tempted to go premium you’ll pay about £40/ year but they have special offers throughout the year which can reduce that. For me though, the benefit is in the limit. 3 games and I’m done, back to work having had a few minutes of brain strengthening fun.

If you fancy having a go then head over the the Appstore or Google Play and download for your phone now! You can find out more about the app here:

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