Ringo app logoThere are lots of little ways that tech makes life easier that we almost forget. With just 22 days left till Christmas and everyone in a shopping frenzy, one of the things I’ve come to rely on is my on-phone parking app. This nifty little app means I no longer need to remember change for the parking meter or be back at the car before the ticket expires. If I’m late I can just add more time on the app and keep on shopping!

As well as making it easier at the time of parking, the app I use, RingGo (which seems to be one of the most common ones) also kindly emails me a receipt every time I park which I can pop straight into my accounting software (more of that on another day) so that I can log it is a business expense if the parking was for a work related meeting.

The app also helps me find parking when I’m out and about and while it is a few pence more to park than if I pay cash I don’t mind that for the convenience!

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