Make your Google look beautiful!

This is a tiny bit of software that makes a big difference. I nearly didn’t add it in because it’s really small but then I thought about how many times a day I oppened a new tab in Google Chrome (my recommended browser whatever type of computer you are using) and realised that the little lift it gives me each time was definitely worth it.

The tool I’m talking about today is called Momentum. It’s so small it’s not even an app but an extension for Chrome and Firefox that customises the screen you see when you open a new tab. It means that when you get:

  • a truly stunning photo (honestly, today’s is not that great compared with normal, typical)
  • an inspiring quote (which you can tweet at the click of a mouse if you so desire)
  • a reminder of the single task of most importance that day
  • optional display of the local weather, to do’s, search and your bookmarks

You have to add the task each day when it asks you but then each time you open a new window you are reminded on the task. A simple but effective way to keep you focused and a little lift when you see the photos.


To get this little bit of loveliness in your life you just need to hop over to their (beautiful) website here and install the extension.

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