A super quickie today as I’m nursing a poorly child.  Yesterday I shared Audible as a great way to listen to more books and use up ‘dead’ time like when I’m washing up or driving.

I also spend a few hours a week listening to podcasts. Podcasts are hard to describe if you haven’t come across them before but they are essentially pre recorded radio shows that you can listen to at your convenience. There are lots of different apps you can use to listen. If you are an Apple user then iTunes has podcasts built in but as an Android fan I use an app called Podcast Addict. It’s free (though I did pay a couple of pounds for an upgrade that doesn’t show ads) and it’s simple to use.

It doesn’t really matter what app you use though, the end result of becoming a Podcast fan is that you have access to a huge amount of really useful info, provided for free!

You can download episodes to listen while you are out and about (without using data) and when you update you can see who has released a new episode.

To get you started I’ll share some of my favourite podcasts:

Amy Porterfield – Amy is an online marketing queen specialising in webinars. Her podcast is packed with useful tips and she is very honest about the highs and lows of running a business.

Marie Forleo  – Marie Forleo, founder of B-school, has presented an online TV show for a number of years and has recently started a podcast which is the audio version of the shows. I never found time to watch but LOVE her enthusiasm as she interviews other business owners and shares lots of insights into her multi-million dollar business.

Woman’s Hour – Woman’s hour from Radio 4 covers the key issues of the day for women all around the world. It’s on Radio 4 at 10am every weekday but if you can’t make it live you can always catch up. I love the weekend digest of the best bits of the week.

Soulful PR – Janet Murray helps small business owners do their own PR and interviews lots of relevant experts to help in other areas of business. She’s straight talking and has some great guests.

Being Boss – Emily and Kathleen are a bit bonkers but lots of fun. They talk about the challenges of running a business on this slightly crazy podcast!

TED talks – You can’t beat a Ted talk for a quick hit of inspiration. I pick a few each week to make sure I don’t stop aiming big!

Let me know your favourite pocast… I’m always on the lookout for more!


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