I mentioned Google Keep a few days ago as a list making tool. It’s great for keeping track of things you need in lists to refer back to but today’s tool is even better… ToDoist is a to do list on steroids. Let me show you how it works.

Firstly you create an account (the free version works brilliantly and I did try the premuim one but didn’t need to features). You need to go to Todoist.com and create an account. Then download the app for your phone and, if you use it Gmail or Outlook. This is where it gets really smart.

The premise is pretty straightforward. You create a task. You can set a deadline for the task and you can assign it to a project and give it a priority. I don’t use priorities but I do use projects to enable me to keep work and personal tasks in the same tool but separate them if I want.

If you want to have reminders for tasks then you need the premuim version – I don’t find I need them but you know they are there if you do. I made a little video to show you how it works:

The thing that swings it for me is that as a Gmail user, once I have installed the Gmail extension I can create a task from an email. So a new email comes in that I need to action – hit the todoist button and ping, it’s on my to do list with a due date and I can move it out of my inbox. Watch the video below to see what I mean. (This also works for Outlook but not Mac Mail :-() 
This is really one of my very favourite apps… if you haven’t found a to do list that works for you yet then I really recommend it.
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