I was going to apologise for this app being only available on Gmail but actually, Gmail has transformed email and the way I work so I’m not going to! Instead I’m going to highly recommend anyone not using Gmail takes a look at what it has to offer.

One of the things that’s great about it is that Google is very happy to collaborate and makes it easy for other developers to create add-ons to their basic offer which means that you get some great innovations.

On that has helped me is called Just Not Sorry. It’s an app that checks the wording of your emails and marks them up in orange like a spelling or grammar error would appear in Word if they are too passive or apologetic. In their own words ‘Let’s stop qualifying our message and diminishing our voice. Inspired by the writings of Tara Mohr and others, this Chrome Extension for Gmail will warn you when you use words or phrases that undermine your message. Words will be underlined for correction with additional information about how using the phrase is perceived. (Don’t worry, the underline won’t get sent as part of your email if you decide to ignore it.) See my email below for the orange underlines. 

It stops you starting every email with sorry and qualifying your thoughts with ‘I just’. If you want to empower yourself then hop over to the Chrome store and grab this little gem here. Here’s to an empowered 2018!

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