Today’s app is not a business one but it’s so useful I wanted to share it. It’s called Screentime and it allows you to control your kids electronic devices so they don’t spend the entire day on their phone or tablet.

You can choose which functions on the phone you want to limit (I don’t limit calling or texting so that my son can always get in touch) and choose whether new apps are included in any daily time allowances or not.

You can set bedtime and school hours which stops games (or whatever you choose) being available during predefined times and it sends an email whenever a new game is installed which gives a good overview of what they are downloading.

You can set a daily screen limit (which can even work across multiple devices) and when the time is up the device blocks all the apps you have chosen to make ‘screentime’ apps.

A final twist is that you can set tasks that earn extra screentime. Finished your homework? Get 15 minutes extra. Tidied your room, that’s worth 20 minutes!

It’s not free but for £2.99 per month or £29.99 annually for as many kids as you want I think it’s great value. It saves you arging with the kids about switching off and their use of devices more strategic than if they had unlimited access.

One final trick it offers is the stop button. From the app on my phone I can switch the kids’ devices off with the click of a button on my phone if they aren’t listening… a great way to get them to help with some chores in the run up to Christmas!

You can get the app here.

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