Yesterday I talked about controlling your kids screen time but we all know it’s not just the kids that can spend too much time staring at the screen. If you don’t feel like you have enough time in the day but aren’t quite sure where it’s all going then Rescue Time might give you some insights…

Rescue time is an app that tracks how you use your computer, tablet and phone and sends a weekly report to let you know just how much time you have wasted on Facebook / Instagram / Candy Crush (fill in your own timesuck here)

Rescue time divides software and websites into productive (Word, Finance tools etc) and non-productive (Social platforms, games etc) and gives you a breakdown of how much time you spend in each zone: 

This can come as a bit of shock and is a great way to see how you are really spending your time and is a great motivator to help you improve it! When the app is installed on multiple devices it tracks across them all so the sneaking Facebook time on your phone still gets counted!  

The free version of Rescue time works brilliantly for me but there is a premuim version if you want to be able to do more such as goal setting and using their tools to help you improve.

You can sign up for ResuceTime here.

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