Today is my birthday so I feel justified in going for a fun app. Today I am choosing Spotify which is a music app. It’s getting hard to remember what life was like without everything available at the click of a button and Spotify, along with iTunes, have changed the way that we obtain music.

While music is not directly related to business, I do find that what I’m listening to can affect how I work so I have different playlists for different activities; some chilling music for when I want to concentrate, some rockin’ tunes for when I need an energy boost and some classic favourites for general listening.

The free accounts have ads but you can still stream pretty much any tune you can imagine. The premium account at £10/mth is amazing value as you can download songs to listen to when you are off wifi as well as listening to a massive back catalogue of music whenever the mood takes you. I particularly love my ‘time capsule’. This is a selection of songs that Spotify has chosen for me which are all pretty spot on favourites from my younger years.

Treat your ears to a spot of Spotify this festive season.

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