Do you look at other people’s social media feeds and wish that you could come up with beatuiful inspiring images to post? Or wonder how to make catchy graphics to go into your blog posts? Or a quick flyer for a workshop you are running?

Canva can do all this for you and, like many of the amazing apps I’m talking about, it’s free version is really generous. You can get started by creating a free account here. Canva will then offer you a tutorial to walk you through the basics of how it works. This is worth doing, it’s a great tutorial and has some good tips in.

Once you get going you find you can create things using their premade tempates or you can easily get the exact size you want with a custom image. They provide some images and elements (frames, lines, icons etc) for free and some you have to pay for. The free selection is generous and if you don’t want to spend money then you usually don’t need to!

If you choose their premade layout then you get offered lots of designs as a starting point. For me this is what makes Canva a stand out tool. Lots of packages offer the ability to create a graphic but having the predesigned versions to choose from means you don’t need to think about sizes, colours, font pairing etc but you can ‘borrow’ the experts look and just customise with your branding and bingo!

I quickly created a Christmas cover for my Facebook page starting with an independence day cover that Canva had created for me…  

By adding my brand colours and changing the text I had a Facebook image in under 5 minutes… this is the final result!

You can try Canva here by creating a free account. Enjoy!

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