I use 2 different list apps. The first, and the one I am talking about today, is for things like shopping lists rather than to-do lists (which I will come to later in the month) and is another small bit of software that does just what it says and no more. And I think that’s what makes it brilliant. It’s not very clever or fancy, it just does a great job of making your lists available on whatever device you happen to be close to (or even on someone else’s device if you can get to the internet).

It’s a member of the Google family and you can access it from your Gmail account or the little box of boxes next to your name when you are logged into Google (see image below).

Once you’re in there isn’t much to learn and it’s pretty intuitive. You can create checklists, or notes with images or just plain text. Add the app on your phone to make sure your lists are always with you and you can add and tick off as you go through your day.

While this doesn’t sound very exciting it is amazing how much more space you have in your brain when you don’t have to remember things you need next time you go to Staples or the supermarket or which books you are hoping to read next.

The lists can also be shared with others. My husband and I share a shopping list, if anything runs out we can add it to the list and if either of us is in a supermarket we can have a quick check to see what else we need. Each note can have a background colour added which makes it look pretty and you can set reminders so that they pop up on your phone or desktop on certain dates or even by location (when you are near the dry cleaners, pick up the dry cleaning!)

Have a list for work related books, things you need to buy in Staples, anything that you want to keep track of! Tiny but might… give keep a chance.

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