Yesterday I mentioned how easy it is to miss things at this busy time of year and I’ve heard anecdotally that there are more scams going on because we are all so busy we just don’t pay proper attention. One way of being safer online is to use good passwords. Ideally ones that are made up of random letters, numbers and special characters and used only once (so not the same password for lots of accounts).

Using different passwords for different sites is important because if the provider of the account get hacked and your email and password gets stolen then hackers will try and use it to access other sites. Suddenly having the name of your dog as your password everywhere doesn’t seem like such a great idea anymore.

So using a password manager is a way to improve the strength of passwords and to only have to remember 1 password forever more. Yes you do still need to remember 1, sorry they can’t mind read (yet!)

I ran a webinar on LastPass a little while ago and I cover how to set it up, how enable your VA or web developer to login to your accounts without actually giving them your details and also how to set an emergency access for someone in the event that they should need to get to your passwords (it’s super nifty this one).

I’ve popped the replay of the webinar below – take a look if you are interested in how LastPass can help you!

You can watch the video here… or you are free to download it and watch offline if you prefer.

No opt in. Please just use good passwords in return?

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