Today’s app is a quickie as it’s the weekend! But it saves me having to do maths on the spot when the kids ask… how many sleeps and it motivates me to get on with things! It’s called Days Counter and it does what it says on the tin. It counts down (or in fact up) from a specific date. It lets you add a photo (great for holidays) and name the event.

It’s not particularly fancy but with the widget that sits on your home screen announcing ’15 days till Christmas’ you know exactly where you are in the count down. I use it not just for Christmas but also for key work events such as launches (it’s a great motivator to get on with things when you wake to ‘5 days till launch!’ and helps me look forward to my holidays even more as I’m reminded daily what my work is facilitating.

It will also count up from a date so if you want to know how long you’ve been in business, how long it is since you started a specific project or even how many days old you are then it’s all possible with this little app.

You can get it for Android here and Apple do a virtually identical version which you can get here. 

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