Appvent Day 18 – Calendly

Have you ever wanted to have a quick chat with someone, a potential client or someone you met networking, and ended up in a back and forth exchange of emails that seems to go on for ages to arrange a time? Well this can be solved in an instant with a scheduling tool....

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Appvent day 17 – Control your self too!

Yesterday I talked about controlling your kids screen time but we all know it's not just the kids that can spend too much time staring at the screen. If you don't feel like you have enough time in the day but aren't quite sure where it's all going then Rescue Time...

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Appvent Day 11 – Podcasts

A super quickie today as I'm nursing a poorly child.  Yesterday I shared Audible as a great way to listen to more books and use up 'dead' time like when I'm washing up or driving. I also spend a few hours a week listening to podcasts. Podcasts are hard to describe if...

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