So far the advice I have given you has been all about using the inbuilt tools for your email systems. There are other ways of doing this though and Boomerang! for Gmail is such a cool tool that even though it only works for Gmail it deserves to be talked about.  So what is this amazing tool?

Well, Boomerang is an extension for Gmail which allows you to send emails away and return to you at a predefined time… hence the name. It also allows you to schedule emails to be sent any time… writing an email at midnight but want to send it when you are on the school run. Boomerang it!

Once you have signed up and downloaded the software you will see a new button appear whenever you look at an email.



The shortcut menu allows you to pick from one of a default number of settings and clicking confirm will remove the email from our inbox (putting it in a folder so you can access if required) and return it at the appointed time.

boomerang2The full menu, as shown, gives even more options. One of the coolest is the option to Boomerang if nobody responds. This is perfect if you want to reply to an email and then chase it if you don’t hear back. The email can be removed from your inbox and you can get on with your day, safe in the knowledge that you will be reminded if you need to take action.

Otherwise you can pick the time you want the email to reappear. I use it for webinar details, boomerang returns the logon link 10 minutes before the start, for free trial details when I get the email returned just before I move into paid versions to remind me to review a service or product and for customer emails where I want to follow up a few days later.

Boomerang offers a free version with 10 messages per month and paid versions start at just $4.99 per month for unlimited messages. Full details can be found here. Much cheaper than a paying a Virtual Assistant!

What do you think about Boomerang! Is it going to change your way of working?


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