A Beautiful New Website  

Without Spending a Small Fortune on a Web Designer


Your message for the world is too important to wait… 


Do you want a lovely new website and wish you could just do it yourself but the tech weasels* get in the way?

Do you have an important message to get out to the world but feel that your website (or lack of) is stopping you making progress?

You want your website to look professional but also to express you and your business so you can connect with your perfect clients.

Are you still finding your niche and want to be able to quickly and easily change your website to meet your business needs?

Would you like some accountability to help you stop procrastinating and get a site live?

You’ve heard horror stories of people paying thousands for expensive websites they can’t do anything with and want something different?

Are you happy to get your hands dirty and do some of the work yourself (with lots of support) if that means the price is more reasonable?

* tech weasels are irritating beasts that live in your computer and stop it doing what you want. I teach you to tame them so that they do exactly what you want. No stress. 

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, my programme is just what you need!


We start on Tuesday 18th May at 7.30pm

“Your Website SORTED!”

is a live, online programme that takes you from no website to your own WordPress site in just 8 weeks.


Created specifically to help people on a mission to get their message “out there” I’d love to help you navigate the wonderful world of websites and create a beautiful site you can’t wait to share.

With so many options available even the geekiest technophiles can get overwhelmed and want to hide in the corner.

What you need is someone who is fluent in both geek speak and plain English to explain what you need to do in simple, practical terms. 

I became frustrated by the number of people I met who were embarrassed by their website but couldn’t afford to pay their designer to make the changes they wanted or worse, had spent a lot of money on a site that just didn’t represent them.  I decided to create a programme to help people build their own site but with lots of support on hand so you never feel alone and no question is ever too silly. 

Building your own site means that your website will never be the thing holding you back in business;

  • Want to offer a new programme? You can have a new service page up in an hour to share the offer.
  • Fancy changing your niche? No problem, a quick rebrand and your new specialism is ready to reveal.
  • Ready to outsource your website work to someone else? You have a clear idea of how long things should take so can cut through the cowboys and pay a fair price for the work.

By working together you will gain skills and confidence to build your site. Recorded side effects of the programme have been enjoying it so much that people have gone on to build more sites for friends and other interests!


In exactly 7 weeks I was able to go from being a complete newbie with zero knowledge about website creation to being able to create a full website, thanks to the incredible assistance of Alice Jennings, who runs the best course I could ever have dreamed of.

I would genuinely recommend Alice to anyone who feels stuck and overwhelmed at the idea of doing a website and who doesn’t have the budget to have it done by someone else. She explains everything in such a clear way that she makes it look easily doable and even enjoyable! And she is always there for support which is so valuable. She sets you free from any monthly maintenance non sense and you are always in control of everything and can make your own changes at any time.

Ariane Lugan

Owner, Heal To Shine

What will we cover?

Kickstart 1 - 2 - 1 Call

Getting Started

We spend 30 minutes together and I’ll get the basics of your site set up for you. You can watch and give feedback so that you are happy with your colours, fonts and logo. 

Week 1

Website Basics

Before we dig in, we take a look at what the goals are for our websites, how we want them to feel and what information we need to gather before we get started. 

Week 2

Creating the perfect page

We’ll look at how you can create pages using the visual builder tool. You’ll soon be adding fancy boxes (like this one) and learn about the many modules available to you. You’ll learn how to create new pages and set up your menus.

Week 3

Implementation Week

We’ll look at how you can create pages using the visual builder tool. You’ll soon be adding fancy boxes (like this one) and learn about the many modules available to you. You’ll learn how to create new pages and set up your menus.

Week 4

Behind the Scenes

You’ll learn how to backup and update your website (no £30/month maintenance plans for you!). We’ll look at plugins, how to keep  your site safe and how SEO can help you get found.

Week 5

Fancy Stuff!

This week we will be covering some more advanced features like taking payment, connecting your email list, adding a free download and testing your site before it goes live.

Week 6

Final Q&A

This week is an open Q&A session where you can bring any niggles or issues. I will log onto your site and we can sort them out so you are ready to share your beautiful new site with the world.

Weeks 7 and 8

The last 2 weeks are for implementing… I’ll be on hand to answer any questions and help you tidy up the loose ends before go live. And you can enter your website into the competition for the best site created on the course and be in with a chance of winning £100 cash!

1 - 2 - 1 Wrapup Call

We spend 30 minutes polishing off your site, fixing any niggles and generally admiring your handiwork. Then I’ll set the site live for you to share with the world.

Sounds like just what you need?

I am really pleased with the end result I have achieved and I would never have dreamed I would have the skills to develop, maintain and update my website.  More than that, I didn’t realise just how enjoyable the whole process would be.

Alice, took us through the essentials and the workbook and access to the videos meant you could go at your own pace or catch-up if you could not join the live events.  I now feel confident to create another site on my own.

Yolande Coombes

Owner, Therapy Kenya

I completed Alices’ Build a website course and I am thrilled and amazed by what I have managed to achieve from a starting point of zero experience!

Alice made it easy to follow her recordings, I felt able to ask ‘numpty’ questions and she helped out if I got stuck. I would highly recommend.

Thank you Alice!

Rachel Langford

Owner, Rachel Langford

How does it work?

Sign up for the programme and get started creating your content

When you sign up for the programme you get a workbook to help you with the structure and wording for your website. While I love the technical stuff, the design is also vital to your site so you get a bonus webinar teaching you about the design elements you need to think about for a beautiful site.

I do the technical installation

While you are thinking about words and images I’ll get your site set up. Everyone starts with the same templated site with lots of premade pages in place. All you need to do is add the logo, colours, words and pictures to make it your own. Sounds easy? That’s because it is!

If you already have a website then I will set up a space on my server for you to build your new site then, when you are ready, I’ll migrate the new one over to replace your existing site.

We have a 1 2 1 call where I get the basics in place for you

We hop on a 30 minute call to get your font, logo and colours all in place so you can hit the ground running in week one of the live calls. 

Each week we build a different part of your site together

Our first live session is at 7.30pmTuesday 18th May. Week by week, over 8 online sessions, I show you how to make changes to the templated site so that it becomes your site; adding your colours, logo, content and images to make it just the way you want. You have a week to complete the tasks before we start on the next stage. All the sessions are live but also recorded so you can watch at a convenient time.

We also cover all the behind the scenes stuff like backing up your site, updating it, linking to your email list, creating an email address, Google Analytics and basic SEO all get covered as well. Don’t worry, they’re not so scary when you get going.

The Facebook group and drop in sessions give you all the support you need

The Facebook group is a place to ask questions, share ideas and support each other. There are also drop in sessions for help as you go between teaching sessions.

We have another 1 2 1 call for final touches to make your site look amazing

And then we send your site out into the world! The final week is a chance to celebrate your new site and enter it into the competition for the best site created during the course. The winner of the competitions gets a trophy, and as well as the kudos of being the best site you also get a tidy £100 cash to spend on whatever treats make you smile.

Celebrate your new website

The final week is a chance to celebrate your new site and enter it into the competition for the best site created during the course. The winner of the competitions gets a trophy, and as well as the kudos of being the best site you also get a tidy £100 cash to spend on whatever treats make you smile.

Before [I took the Build Your Perfect Website course] I used website developers, spent thousands, and ended up with a functional but static website, without the features that support effective marketing and sales.

For just a fraction of the cost I’ve got a live website that I can update whenever I want, add new content, change the structure, feature a promotional item, and many more things. I’m now firmly in control of the content and the interface between the content and structure.

Lesley Adams

Director, PeopleZone

Who is it for?

This course is for service based, small business owners who would like a responsive (works on mobiles and tablets), easy to change website and who are willing to get stuck in and have a go.

I know what it’s like to be starting out in business and have a tight budget. That’s why I created this course. I want people with great things to offer the world to have a great website, without having to break the bank.

I often speak to business owners who have spent thousands on their website only to find they can’t make changes or that as their business grows and changes the site is no longer relevant. This drives me crazy. This programme offers a great way to get an online presence quickly and low cost.

 How much does it cost?

The course course costs just £597

The course is priced to make it accessible. There is no early bird or special offer – there is just the very best price that I can offer this course for.

The first session will be Tuesday 18th May at 7.30pm

The course includes:

Installation of WordPress on your hosting

(we recommend Siteground but if you already have hosting we can use that).

Installation of the Divi template including a lifetime licence for the site you create

(A year of Divi is worth $89)

Creation of your template site, prefilled with all the pages you could need (just delete the ones you don’t want)

8 Live, online sessions covering everything you need to know to build your site and Q&As

A comprehensive workbook to help you with your design and structure

A Facebook group for support between sessions

Live drop in sessions each week for any questions that arise during implementation

Lifetime access to the recordings of all sessions so you can make changes whenever you want (I can’t guarantee that they’ll be relevant for the rest of your lifetime but they will be yours 🙂

Bonus No 1 Design training

A bonus session from Janina Neumann of Janina Neumann Design. This hour long training session covers colours, images, styles and much more.

Bonus no 2!  Copywriting live support and cheat sheets

I’ve partnered with Rachel Extance, a very experienced copywriter who is providing you with cheat sheets and bonus copywriting sessions so your message is clear and compelling

A mosquito net

No you don’t need it for the course! I like to feel that my business helps the world be a slightly better place. For every person who signs up I will buy one mosquito net for a child in an infected area so one more mum can rest easy knowing their little ones are safe.

Have you got any questions?  Email me at alice@alicejennings.co.uk and I will happily answer any queries or book a chat here.

Alice is a gifted teacher –  informed, enthusiastic, kind, and thorough. In my recent experience in her Build Your Own Website course, she provided excellent input and even the most basic question was dealt with respectfully.

She was generous with her time and went beyond the course syllabus to provide direction and support. Her enthusiasm is infectious, her generosity evident and each are matched with her technical ability. I’d highly recommend Alice’s services.

Tara O'Sullivan

Psychotherapist, Tara O'Sullivan Therapies

I now have a really fabulous website thanks to Alice’s course. I never expected to be able to build one as professional as I have but Alice led us through it in a clear and straightforward fashion.

If you want a website that you control, do her course.

Charis Jones

Sculptor, Sculpted Steel

What sort of sites have people already made?

Take a look below for some examples:

Tracey Barreto Coaching

Rebecca Johnson Coaching

Anne Butler Career Coaching

Julie Biggs Coaching


What dates and times are the calls?

The calls run for 8 weeks on Tuesday evenings at 7.30pm starting 18th May. Calls last 1.5 hours though if there are questions I will continue till the 2 hour mark to get them answered.

Implementation sessions are weekly drop in calls where you can come and ask questions about what we have learnt so far. These alternate between evening and daytime calls and the schedule will be confirmed when you sign up.

Who are you? Why should I work with you?

I’m passionate about making technology accessible to people in a way that saves them time or money, or both! You can find out more about me here.

What does each session cover?

The 5 weeks of live, online tutorials (plus recordings) and  Q&A sessions cover:

  • Week 1. Getting Started. Thinking about your site structure, images and copy.
  • Week 2. Overall design. Customise your header and footer, adding logos, colours, and making it look lovely
  • Week 3. Populating your pages. How to add new pages and manage the menus
  • Week 4. The bits you can’s see. Updating, Plugins and SEO
  • Week 5. Connect your email list, social media, collecting payments and testing
  • Week 6. Q&A session for any issues that have popped up as you have been creating your site.
  • Weeks 7. Implementation weeks. I’ll be on hand to answer any questions that crop up as you finalise your site.
  • Week 8. GO LIVE! A celebration of your new site and a chance to win £100 if you create the best site during the course.
I already have a website. How does that work?

I’ll make a space on my web server for you to build your new site.  Your existing one can stay up until the new one is ready and then I will migrate the new site onto your current server and bingo! Your new website will be live!

Will my new website work on mobiles and tablets?

Absolutely! It will be responsive to all devices and we will cover how you can make that even better with some of the theme settings.

I don't have much spare time at the moment. Should I wait?

You do need to commit some time to the course to get a good site. If you are short of time you could aim to get a 2 page site up to start with and then fill in the other pages once you have more time available. You will have access to the recordings for life so you will always be able to go back to them.

What's the difference between your course and others at lower price points?

My course is live and throughout the 8 weeks I’m on hand via a Facebook group and via drop in sessions to help you.  I don’t sell a recorded version of the course (though you have access to recordings as a participant) as think it is too easy for participants to get a little bit stuck and then lose momentum.

As a live programme I’m also able to tailor the sessions to your needs. If you want to learn something that is not on the planned curriculum we can usually fit it in! 

By working as a group we can support each other to get the site done and the competition deadline is also a good motivator!

What else do I need to build a website?

1. A Domain Name – This is the address for your site i.e. www.mywebsite.com. If you don’t already have a domain you will neeed to purchase one (or get one free with your hosting, see below).  Typically a domain costs around £10 per year.

2. Hosting – You will need your own webhosting, I recommend Siteground (£40/year) but if you already have hosting that’s fine. I will need access to install the basic site for you.

3.  Copy – You will need to write your copy but don’t worry, you’ll get cheat sheets and live support from a copywriter to help you create great copy.

4. Images – You will need images for your site that you have permission to use. Resources for free images can be found in the getting started pack.

5. A sense of humour. Not strictly essential but it certainly helps 🙂 I aim to have fun as we build the sites.

How long will it take me each week?

This varies depending on how fancy you want your site to look; the more time you put in the better it will be.

I recommend setting aside at least 2 hours to carry out the work we cover in the live trainings. You also need to write the content which can take some people much longer than they think!

I'm not very good with computers, will I really be able to do it?
If you are willing to get stuck in an give it a go then anyone can build a website with the tools we will be using. You’ll have support along the way so if you get stuck you only need to ask.
What sort of sites can I build?

Great question… here are 3 examples sites that have been built through the programme.

A holistic therapy site

A coaching site

A photographers site

I want to have an online shop. Will you cover this?

Ecommerce, or online shops, require a lot of technical skills to get them working correctly. If you want to sell a few products we will be covering how to do that using Paypal but if your main business is retail then I have 2 suggestions.

Firstly you could use this course to build your basic site and then ask a techncial developer to add on the shop function (WordPress has a great shop function that you can add in).

Alternatively you could take a look at Shopify, a service that does provides a shop for you for a monthly fee.

I can't make the live sessions. Will I still be able to build a site?

All the sessions are recorded so you will be able to watch them when convenient. If you have questions you can email them and I will answer them on the next call and in the Facebook group. It may not be quite as good as doing it live but you will still learn all you need to get your site up and running.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes! I want you to have a site you love. If you complete the workbook and attend the first 2 calls and feel that you aren’t being taught how to build your website then I will give you your money back.

I found the course very well structured, very greatful for the empowerment of creating my own website, the information was clear and very well illustrated, and greatful for the recorded video so that I could go back and pick up the information to follow through with each task.

Have you got any questions? Email me  alice@alicejennings.co.uk 

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