In a previous blog post I shared how I was a bit fed up of all the specialist marketing tactics I was being urged to employ by ‘experts’ to get me better sales. It’s not that they are wrong, or that they are even particularly heavy handed, it’s just that they weren’t right for me.

I bang on about how there are no right or wrong systems, just different ones and the right one for you won’t be the same for someone else. I can get quite worked up about this. But then I completely ignore this when I start speaking to people about the best way to sell things.

So for my last ‘launch’ I didn’t offer any early bird discount. I couldn’t see the reason other than to reduce my stress by not having to wait till the very last day to see if anyone signed up and that does not seem a good reason to have an earlybird.

I also didn’t use any bonuses that weren’t directly relevant to the course and then I gave them to everyone. After all why should I discriminate against people who like to think things over a bit before they jump in?

So I just bought an extra jar of rescue remedy and the dog got a lot more walks that week!

In the end I got 10 people signing up and 8 of them were on the last day. To the Wire!   I’m pretty sure that with some more concerted marketing tactics I could have made that 15. But that wouldn’t have felt right for me. I have 10 really lovely people to work with to create some beautiful new sites. I don’t feel like they had their arms twisted to get them on my course and hopefully they will know that whatever suggestions and recommendations I make, I really do have their best interests at heart. It feels good.

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