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build A wonderful One Page Website

The Antiprocrastination course to turn your idea into a website in just a couple of hours


You’re ready to start your business, or you’ve got a great idea for a new one.

But you just need some branding, a logo, a website – the list goes on.


How will you know if your idea good enough to justify investment in a logo, a website?

The best way to find out is to get something out there… quickly!

And that’s where One Page Wonders comes in! 


This short course shows you how to get a (really good) one page site up in just a couple of hours. And you don’t need to spend any money on fancy software – it’s FREE to do!


Don’t let the tech hold you back – get your idea out there so you can get on with making your difference.

So what’s covered in One Page WOnders?

Core Training Modules


Create a one page website

Using my favourite tool I’ll show you how to create a one page website (yes for free) that will allow you to capture email addresses, tell people about your business and even has a contact form so potential customers can get in touch.

Optional Bonus Modules

(support at all the places you could get stuck creating your site)


Buying a domain

Well I say buying but actually this sneaky trick will get you a domain for free for a year…


Choosing Colours (or colors if you are from the USA!)

We’ll pick out some colours that match your business so that you always look super smart and professional.


Design a Logo

Logos don’t have to be complicated. Spend 20 minutes creating a free logo so your business has it’s own identity.

Stop reading, click buy and set aside a couple of hours and you’ll have an online home for your business and you’ll be ready to share! Go on… you know you want to! 

Buy now for £29 Free


Instant access to simple to implement videos


Get your new website up in just a couple of hours


Go and spread the word about your brilliant business or idea

Who am I?

Hi, I’m Alice and I help small business owners have more fun by getting rid of all the boring, repetitive but necessary bits of running a business. I do this with the magical power of systems and technology because I’m a bit of a geek. I’m also a shepherd and countryside dweller. These are my gorgeous lambs.

I’ve created this mini course to stop the tech getting in the way of your business growth. I see too many people with great ideas, waiting to get everything perfect before they go and shout about their ‘thing’.

No more.

In just an hour (or two if you’re really going for it) your business will be online and you’ll be able to say you are a proper business!


I also have super cute sheep…


Your translation from tech into English invaluable.

Thank you! 

Kim East,

Alice has changed the way I approach my work daily. If you have the opportunity to work with her, grab it with both hands!

Sally Hindmarch

If the word technology scares you, Alice makes it so much easier and she gives you the tools you need to benefit and impact your business straight away.

Esther Partridge-Warner

Buy now for £29 FREE


Instant access to simple to implement videos


Get your new website up in a couple of hours


Go and spread the word about your brilliant business or idea

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