Inbox Detox Day 3 – Managing the emails that require ACTION

We’ve taken more control over what comes into your inbox by starting to unsubscribe from everything that is not useful AND we have set up some automatic rules to move things we are expecting to folders where you can deal with them later.

Now we need to think about what we do with the stuff we need to take action on. 

The written version for those of you who like reading…


Firstly, just to recap, we have got into the unsubscribe habit. We are starting to get control of what is coming in.

Secondly, we have some basic folders which have rules associated with them so we don’t need to move things ourselves if we know where they need to go. These are the ‘for info’ or ‘to read later’ emails that we don’t need to take action on or Clients where we need to be able to quickly see that their messages have arrived.

Today I would like you think about how you manage all the emails that require you to take action. When you check email you don’t often have the time to respond but as more emails come in then the ones that require your attention can get a bit lost. One way to manage this is to create an ACTION folder and move emails into that folder for when you have time to respond. You can also use the flagging systems that the email clients have built in. I’ll show how in the videos below. 

[ACTION] Think about what would work best for you, a separate folder or using flagging / stars and set that up.

Using Gmail to create your To Do list

Using Outlook to create your To Do list

Using MacMail to create your To Do list


SPEEDY SUMMARY: Think about how you manage tasks in your inbox… a separate folder or flags/stars

Only 2 days left before Inbox Clearance! See you tomorrow!


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