Inbox Detox Day 4 – Let the tech do the hard work for you

Today is the chance to catch up if you’ve got a bit behind and for those of you who are up to date there is a cool tool called Feedly I would like to share which lets you see all the latest blogs without having to get them in your inbox.

You can watch the video below:

Written version:

Today’s task is to create a backup of your inbox. This will free you from keeping things ‘just in case’ and let you store those emails offline in a hard drive so you are not using any extra carbon ‘just in case’.

Different platforms work in different ways so watch the video for your chosen email client below. Then if you still have time, there are some bonus videos showing you how to get more from your email tool.

Only one more day before you can blitz your Inbox and get your gold star for a happy inbox! 

Backup Gmail

Backup MacMail

Backup Outlook

Bonus videos

All the email tools have cool features that make them work harder for you. Pick your platform below and see if you can learn something new that can save you time.

Gmail Tips

MacMail Tips

Outlook Tips

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