Masterclass – Build a Business that Runs Itself


Did you get into business for yourself to do something you were passionate about, but now feel like

you spend all your time running the business rather than doing the thing you love?


Do you feel overwhelmed by all the apps, platforms and programmes that people say you “should” use, but no idea which ones are right for your business? (So you end up not utilising any of the technology out there – or benefiting from it either)


Are you tired of feeling guilty and torn because you spend more time with your computer than with your family and friends, but can’t see how you could  work less hours?


If that sounds like you, take heart – being in business for yourself doesn’t have to be so hard or overwhelming, especially when you learn to leverage the power of technology and make it your silent business partner (it’s really very friendly when the proper introductions are made – I promise!)


Imagine if in 2016 you could:


Book holidays and take weekends off feeling confident that all will run smoothly while you were away – which means you could actually relax and enjoy yourself!

Automate the jobs you don’t like, and spend way more time doing what you love 
Fall in love with technology, because of the incredible work/life balance it allows you to have

Feel in complete control of your business, and know exactly how you’re going to achieve your business goals while actually having a life


Whether you’re a mum wanting to build your business around working a few days a week or an ambitious entrepreneur with a 6-figure turnover in your sites, systems are crucial to creating a business that supports the the lifestyle – and delivers the income – that you are aiming for.


So if you want to feel like your business is a well-oiled machine, then come to my one-day masterclass, Build a Business that Runs Itself, and make 2016 the year you finally feel like you are the one in charge of your business (and not the other way around).


What you’ll learn on the day:


How to be the Boss of your Business, and make more strategic decisions that save you time, effort and energy

The Power of Planning, and how to do it properly so you can prioritise projects that will grow your business

How to Systemise in 3 easy Steps, and avoid important emails (and potential clients) falling through the cracks


Delegate like a Pro – my step-by-step outsourcing process will allow you to stop doing work that saps your energy and spend more time doing the things you are genius at!


You really CAN create a business that supports the lifestyle you want, that allows you to focus on doing the work you are passionate about, and that actually makes you happy! And this masterclass can show you how.




The investment


£297 Full Price (including a delicious lunch and refreshments throughout the day)

£197 Early Bird Price, available until January 13, 2016


If you want to transform your relationship with your business and make 2016 the

year you become the Boss, then book your seat here. [link]



“You are truly gifted and your calm, easy and non-pushy style really worked for me AND I enjoyed


our day.” – Debbie Prime, Soul Awakenings


Details of the day


Venue: Manor by the Lake is a stunning Victorian mansion located in the heart of Cheltenham




Transport: Cheltenham Spa train station is just over an hour on the train from London, and is a 5-


minute taxi ride from the Manor. [Alice – you can take out the London reference of add in other


Times: we start at 9.30am and finish at 5pm.


Lunch: is included in the ticket price and will be a healthy, delicious 3-course meal. Tea, coffee and


pastries during break are included too. [Alice – wasn’t sure about these details?]


Don’t let your business wear you down to the point you contemplate going back to a


9-5 job. Come to this masterclass and you will walk away with the tools, the tech


and the confidence to know you can make 2016 the best, most enjoyable year in


business you’ve ever had.


Reserve your seat right here. [link]


If you’ve got a question you’d like answered before you book, just drop me an email at

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