Save time and stay safe with LastPass password manager

Are you fed up of seeing messages like this:

Then you need…

Did you know… 

Resetting a password you have forgotten takes about 5 minutes. Do this once a week and you are spending over 4 hours a year resetting passwords! I’m going to repeat that for dramatic effect – 4 hours or half a working day. 

Give me 30 minutes on Friday 11th December and I’ll show you how to get LastPass set up and working so you can:

– save all that time resetting passwords when you forget (LastPass will remember for you)

– stay safer online by using complex passwords that LastPass generates and stores

– be able to access your passwords from any device if you need to

– share passwords safely with other people

The Free micro-training is on Friday 11th December at 12pm

If you can’t make it live, register and you will be sent a recording which you can watch for 1 week after the webinar. Just enter your details below and I’ll send you the invite to join. 

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