Do you…
… feel overwhelmed by the choice of systems and tools out there for your business and struggle to know which are the right ones for you?
… worry that the ones you have just aren’t cutting it, but don’t want to invest more time and money researching and trialing new software?
… feel like there is a better, more efficient way to do things, but you haven’t been able figure out exactly what that is?
… want to be sure you’re using the right basic systems for your business so that you can grow without feeling like you’re up to your eyeballs in admin and tech hassles?

If that’s you, then take a seat, grab a cuppa and relax, because I’ve created a brand-new online training just for you.

It will clear your tech confusion; help you confidently choose tools and systems that deliver a streamlined business; allow you to spend more time doing the work that you love rather than wrangling your business; AND give you more space and freedom to have a life outside of work too! (So you can do cool things like take April off for lambing season! OK, that may be just me – you can go to the Canaries or Cacos, whatever floats your boat.)

And here is how I’m going to help you do that… introducing my new online training: Demystifying technology: Essential technology for successful small business owners It’s an eight-week online programme that will make your tech overwhelm and systems stress go *poof* and be replaced with clarity, confidence and a certain amount of glee (and satisfaction) because you will finally understand how to make all the incredible tech that’s out there work FOR you, rather than wind you up in computer cable knots. Imagine if you could:

Stop blindly buying new software and apps in the hope they will solve your problem, and start buying tools you know will do EXACTLY what you need
Feel like the systems you have in place will support your business to grow, because they allow you the time and space to do the work, get new clients AND have time off to look after your most valuable asset (that’s you by the way)
Feel comfortable with all the tech jargon out there, which means you are confident explaining to professionals like web designers and virtual assistants exactly what you need them to do
Say goodbye to all that overwhelm and fear around not understanding tech stuff, and feel calm and clear about making any decision around tech for your business
Know all you need to and ready to sign up?
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What will you learn through Demystifying Technology?
I’ll use plain English to demystify technology in your business so you are comfortable and confident working with all the basic systems you need to get your business running efficiently, so you can grow, build a team and flourish! Over the 7 modules (plus a Q&A) we will be covering:

Week 1 – Taming Your Inbox

The differences between webmail and hosted mail, the pros and cons of Gmail vs Outlook, and how to stop double-handling all your emails so you can free up hours and hours each week.
I’ll share techniques and tools for taming your inbox so you can regularly achieve the holy grail of email management: Inbox Zero (Talk about feeling in control of your business!)
Plus, I’ll introduce you to some cool tools that will turn your inbox into the best customer management tool ever! (Which means you can seamlessly keep in touch with all your clients and potential clients and keep those projects rolling in.)
Week 2 – Websites That Work

We’ll talk domain names, hosting and content management systems and you’ll walk away knowing exactly what these terms mean, and why they matter
I’ll run through the best and simplest website building platforms (like com and so you can get your own website up in the shortest time possible (and with the least angst as possible)
You’ll learn all about my favourite plugins and add-ons – from security and backup to social media sharing – that will help you cut hours off the time you spend at your computer.
Week 3 – Seamless, Safe Storage

Why cloud storage is the best option out there and how to get it set up so you can seamlessly access all your files from all your devices wherever you are. If you want to work from anywhere, this is a module you can’t miss.
We’ll also be talking about how to keep your files secure, the fastest and cheapest ways to file share, and the best methods for backing up (these kind of things are often overlooked but they have saved many a client’s bacon when systems fail, computers get dropped or some other unforeseeable event occurs)
Week 4 – Time and Task Management

Growing business owners juggle lots of balls and a task management system can ensure you don’t drop any. It’s a fantastic resource to help you delegate, prioritise and keep track of everything, so I will share some of the best systems on the market that make you always feel like you’re on top of your game.

Week 5 – Client Attraction Systems

List building is central to many small business client funnels, so we will look at the options for creating different types of lead magnets, such as eBooks, videos and audios, and where to put them so clients can download them.
We will also look at the email management systems, such as Mailchimp vs InfusionSoft, that you can use to deliver your lead magnets.
Week 6 – CRM Systems

I’ll explain the principles of Customer Relationship Management systems so you can decide if you need one and which is best for your business if you do.
Week 7 – Make Decisions Like a Boss

I’ll share a fool-proof, 5-step process for deciding which products are right for your business, so you never have to waste time, money (or hair) agonising over such decisions ever again
Week 8 – Open Q&A

I’ll be taking questions as we work through the modules but in this final session there will be time to revisit any areas that aren’t clear to you and the chance for you to ask me anything that you want (business systems related!)
What people say about working with me
Since taking the course I have saved so much time by changing ways I do things from organising email to backing up my website. I have saved money by using an online notebook rather than printing articles to read later (yes, I really did this!) but most importantly Alice has challenged the way I integrate the technology in my business so my time is spent more efficiently.
I would thoroughly recommend ‘Demystifying Technology’ to everyone, but especially if the word technology scares you, because Alice makes it so much easier and she gives you the tools you need to benefit and impact your business straight away.
Esther Partridge-Warer Online Media Works

Alice taught us simple ways to take back control .
I’m now enjoying my business again and have a feeling of security around things running smoothly and even taking days off!

Helen Reynolds
Helen Reynolds Style

Alice has changed the way I approach my work daily. If you have the opportunity to work with her, grab it with both hands!

Sally Hindmarch
Partners With You
How the course works
Demystifying technology: Essential technology for successful small business owners starts on 24th January and runs for seven weeks (plus a bonus live Q&A session).
It’s an online programme so each 1 hr module will be delivered on a Tuesday at 7.30pm as a live webinar. If you can’t make it live or want to rewatch the lesson, they will all be recorded for you. You can watch in your pyjamas with a glass of wine or out in the garden (as long as the wifi reaches). Recordings will be available to download and keep forever and also accessible via my website.
Each lesson comes with comprehensive worksheets and illustrations that will help you to apply all the lessons to your own business.
We’ll also have a Facebook group where you can come and ask questions, share experiences and get my input on any problems you are having.
Bonus Q+A: one week after the final lesson I’ll be holding an open Q+A call where you can come and ask any and all questions that may have popped up for you over the 7 weeks (you will also be able to ask questions at the live webinars too)
Alice presents in a clear, easy to understand format without the waffle – which is great!

Fay Holmyard, The Computer Cookie
Alice makes technology easy to understand and fun to learn

Katrina Bird, Simply Tranquil Holistic Therapies
Alice has presented complex and in-depth topics in a manageable way with her tips and presentation style. Greatly appreciate the time taken for individualised advice and feedback.

Janina Neuman, Taste of Argan Oil
Alice makes it fun and easy to understand. Great info and advice!

Judith Mercer, You Look Great!
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