Panic Button

Need help fast? This is for you…

Hit the panic button to book a 20 minute slot with me ASAP!

If you are having a panic about anything tech related and would like friendly, expert advice to fix it (if it’s a quick fix) or help you decide the next step then this is for you.

How it works…


1. You have a panic

2. You remember you can buy a panic button and hit that to get my eyes on your problem at my first available slot.

3.  You give me a high level overview of what we are going to cover.

4. I’ll get in contact to find a mutually convenient time. You can’t book this in my calendar because I will literally drop everything I can and fit you in as soon as I possibly can.

5. We get on zoom or the phone, I get my eyes on your problem and we either fix it there and then or you’ll leave with a clear plan of what you need to do to get it fixed.

6. Panic over – you can get on with your day without stress.




Surely you can’t fix everything in 20 minutes? 

No of course I can’t. But a surprising number of tech issues are quite simple to unravel and for those that will take longer having a clear plan of action can take the stress out of the situation and let you relax. No more panic. 

What if you can’t offer any useful advice?

There are some areas of tech that are out of my skill set and if I’m not the right person to help then you’ll get a refund and usually contact details for someone who might be able to help.

What can you cover?

Broken websites, emails not sending / delivering, images being the wrong size/shape/colour, creating a quick graphic for something urgently, adding a new website page, setting up a new tool or app, and lots more! Try me and see. You’ll get a refund if I can’t help so you have nothing to lose. 

Alice has a knack of getting to the bottom of things quickly and calming me down.  If you can feel the panic rising then definitely get in touch!


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