The Ten Minute Tech Club


Helping small business owners become tech ninjas in just 10 minute a week.


(Because even the busiest person can find 10 minutes…)


Let me guess…

You know that technology could be working harder to help you in your business but you just don’t have the time (or inclination?)  to work out what you should be doing.

You know you could free up time if you used tech better but in a classic example of the catch 22 you just don’t have the time to do that!? 

You could Google for timesaving tips or best practice to get your business organised but how do you know which ones to do first? Which will have the most impact? 

You’re secretly you are a bit embarrassed that your business isn’t more organised. 


I can help…

I’ll show you how to take simple steps each week to help you get the organised business you know you want. 

You’ll feel like a grown up business owner.


  • It will take you minutes rather than hours to do tasks that currently fill you with dread
  • You’ll have insider knowledge on some of the newest technology and whether it’s a good fit for your business (or not!)
  • You know all the shortcuts and hacks for your favourite software.

And that’s just the start of it… there’s so much I want to share


Who am I?

Hi, I’m Alice and I help small business owners have more fun by getting rid of all the boring, repetitive but necessary bits of running a business. I do this with the magical power of systems and technology because I’m a bit of a geek. I’m also a shepherd and countryside dweller. These are my gorgeous lambs.

I’ve set up this club as a way to help more businesses get more done in an easy and manageable way.

I want you to feel underwhelmed (in the best possible way) each week… you’ll get your instructions, do your homework and say ‘was that all I needed to do?’

But week on week the small steps will add up to big leaps and before you know it you’ll find your business is lovely and tidy, leaving your mind free to think freely and giving you no reason to wake up at 4 in the morning.

“I’ve never really liked on with spreadsheets but this one is so useful that I might have to change my mind!”


What do you get in The club?


The Library

This is a library of quick videos showing you a range of business tips and tricks to get you SORTED. These are 10 minute videos covering images, backups, finances, tips and hacks, and much more.

If you have a spare 10 minutes, don’t waste it on Facebook, take a positive action for your business and learn something new. If you are busy then just enjoy knowing that the library is there for the day when you need to know how to convert a jpg to a png file or add a new email address to your Gmail account (and so much more).


The Weekly Win

Each week you’ll get a new tip with a video. This will be around 10 minutes long and easy to implement.

The videos all get added to the library so you can refer back to them any time. Sometimes just knowing what’s possible with tech is enough to change the way you work.


The Request Form

If there is something you’d like to see in the library you’ll be able to submit a question via the request form. If I can answer it in 10 minutes (or less) I’ll make you a video and add it to the library.


“Absolutely brilliant and really useful!”


Why join now?

I’m a bit fan of the 1% better philosophy coined by James Clear. Rather than trying to improve everything in a big flurry of energy and then collapsing in an exhausted heap before giving up (my description not his!) he advocates tiny changes (1%) which over time add up. 

That’s what I want from the club. Rather than a massive resource of learning that makes you feel like you are behind before you’ve started, all you need to do is watch one 10 minute video a week to start saving time and money.

Sure the library is there if you want it but it’s not essential. There is no behind, there’s no checklist you need to work through, just one video a week to help you get more time and more cool tech working hard for you in your business.

So the sooner you start the sooner you’ll start saving time. And if you want the library is there for a tech binge whenever you fancy!

Instead of feeling embarrassed about the state of your business, you’ll be secretly a bit smug.

You’ll feel organised, confident that everything is running smoothly and you might even be able to share a few tips with the kids rather than the other way round! 

Join now for £10/month


A manageable tip each week (or a monthly digest of all the tips if you prefer)


Access to the 10 minute tech library covering lots of quick fixes with more being added all the time


The option to request videos for things that aren’t already covered


Who is the club for?

The club is for any business owners who would like to feel more organised and are able to make time to watch a short video (or read a transcript) and take action. 

Who is the club not for?<br />

If you don’t want to do the tasks then you might be better to get a VA or other assistant to help you. You are welcome to sign your VA for the club and get them to take the actions on your behalf.  Although it can be reassuring to know how to do these things yourself before you outsource them.

How long do I have to be in the club?

However long feels right for you. There is no tie in, you just pay monthly as long as you are getting value.

Can I see all the videos in the library when I join?<br />

Yes you get access to all the videos as long as you are a member.

Join now for £10


A manageable tip each week (or a monthly digest of all the tips if you prefer)


Access to the 10 minute tech library covering lots of quick fixes with more being added all the time


The option to request videos for things that aren’t already covered