Or what to do when you can’t get doing

One of the tools that I find myself returning to time and again is a nifty online coaching tool. It sounds a bit farfetched but it works!

I’ve been in a bit of a rut since returning from my extensive summer break (read more here). Not doing much was lovely but I’ve lost my mojo a bit and when that happens it is easy to sit in front of my computer opening and closing documents and pretending to finish the sales page for my upcoming course. At the end of the day, having achieved very little, I have done nothing to improve my opinion of myself as bit useless. As soon as I spot this unhelpful spiral of despair I have a stern word with myself and open Unstuck.

Unstuck is an online coaching tool which asks you a series of questions and then tells you what sort of stuck you are, gives you lots of advice on how to unstick yourself and tells you about other people who have been stuck in the same way (It’s hard to feel quite so useless when you know that Simon Cowell has also battled with your particular variation of stuckness!)

It’s quite a fun process but while they have made it into a game, the advice they share is brilliant. Lots of great tips and the simple act of examining your behaviour and feelings is often enough to kick start you into action (sales page is nearly finished now yes!)


Find out what sort of Stuck you are… I’m ashamed to say I was an Idle Achiever. Time to up my game!

Once you know what sort of Stuck you are you get some really useful suggestions to help you get over it…

Fancy giving it a try? You’ll find it here or click the button below

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