Just a quickie today but a little gem of a tip if you don’t know about it already. This is day #2 of the 30 day blogging challenge so I am now 6.7% of the way through. Hooray!

Did you know that you can save posts in Facebook now? No… let me show you how.

For some time you have been able to save links that have been shared within a post which is great for articles you might want to read later or share with your followers at some future point. And now Facebook has gone one better and you can save the whole post even if it doesn’t have a link in. This is great if someone asks a question and gets lots of responses that might be useful to you or you just want to be able to find a great tip or piece of advice again.

3 easy steps

  1. Find a post you would like to save (this is the bit you have to do!)
  2. Click on the little down arrow top right
  3. Click on Save post


Review your saved items

Just click on the Saved Tab to open up a list of your saved items.

Facebook saved tab


That’s all folks. Now you can save those interesting posts to read later rather than having to read them straight away and miss out on life. Have a great weekend.

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