Measuring is key to a successful business

Twitter bird flying over chartToday I have another tiny tech tip for you… this is for the Twitterers amongst you and only takes a couple of minutes to set up. One thing that my clients will be fed up of hearing me say is ‘Are you measuring how effective that is?’ and nowhere is this more important than on Social Media. How much time are you spending putting your message out to the universe and is it making any difference to your business? If you don’t know this how can you decide whether to carry on doing it or not? Or whether you should do more? You just have to guess which is not a great way to make decisions.

Start using Twitter analytics

Twitter doesn’t automatically come with great analytics meaning that you can tweet away to your heart’s content and have no idea how many people are seeing your (highly interesting) points. You can see when things are retweeted via your notifications but it’s a bit hit and miss. However, behind the scenes though Twitter offers some great features. You just need to switch them on.

Activate the analytics features in Twitter you need to:

  1. Login to Twitter on your browser
  2. In a separate tab open this link
  3. You will see this screen:twitter3
  4. Select your country and timezone (you cannot change these later, don’t ask me why it seems a bit ridiculous but Twitter won’t let you so get it right!)
  5. Hit the Permanently save these settings big blue button.
  6. Ignore the next screen and click on the Bird in the top left corner next to where it says Ads
  8. When you next log into your Twitter account you will see that when you click the dropdown from your profile picture you have more options:twafter2
  9. When you click on analytics you will see a dashboard with stats on all your tweets! How cool is that? When you click on it you get a Dashboard Dashboard
  10. See all the fab information about your most popular tweet and more! Yes, I did tweet the lovely vicar from Googglebox. And yes she did reply. The power of Twitter!
  11. As well as the dashboard, if you look at your tweets you get a new icon (see below)tweetstats
  12. If you click the icon you get a breakdown of the stats for that specific tweet. Nifty eh?tweetactivity2

A quick and easy way to get a better idea of how much people are interacting with tweets, whether they are clicking the links and whether they follow you as a result of your efforts. All good to know because there is not point in being on Twitter if its not getting you results!


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