Every week I share with you a tool or method that I think can really rock your world. And this week I am soooo excited that I will be sharing this super great tool Unroll.me! Unfortunately there is a caveat which is that is only works with Gmail. As a massive Gmail fan I would suggest that you consider moving your email to Gmail if you possibly can. I have used lots of different email systems (or clients as they are sometimes called) and I love Gmail. It works beautifully, it has some amazing add ons (more about those another time, don’t get me started!) and it works with Unroll.me.

So what exactly is unroll.me? It is an online tool that looks at your inbox and tells you all the email addresses that regularly send you emails. It then gives you three options for each address

  • Do nothing, leave it coming into your inbox as usual
  • Unsubscribe. Simply tick a box and unroll me will sort out the rest
  • Add it to your roll up. The roll up is a daily email containing a digest of all the emails that you have selected as non urgent but that you would like to receive

Once you have sorted through all your addresses your roll up will start being delivered daily at the time of your choosing. No more distracting emails popping in all day just one neat email summarising your emails for the day.

Let me know what you think!?


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