Business Blueprint Programme

A 5 step programme to help you design a business that is easy to run

Do you feel overwhelmed by running your business? Confused by all the options for systems and technology?

My 5 step Blueprint Programme will help you to cut through the noise, determine the best way forward for your business and get the new systems up and running

Following the 5 step programme we assess your current business structure, define where you want it to be and then plan how to get there. I will support you for the initial stages of the delivery and leave your business in great shape for the future.


What we will cover:


We will look at the way your business runs now, all the software, systems and processes in use and assess which are working well and those that need improvement.


Together we will map out a vision for how your business should be built that means you are able to focus on your areas of strength, deliver excellent service to your customers and, if appropriate, be sure your business can grow easily.


Looking at the gaps between where you are now and where you want to be we will put together a manageable plan of action to build your ideal business.


Over a period of a couple of months (this can be flexible dependent on your other commitments) I will support you to deliver the key changes you need to make your business run easily.


Before we finish working together we will review the changes that have been made and ensure that you are clear about your next steps.

Sounds good?


Book a free, no pressure, chat to find out more about how this could transform the way you run your business. 


What time do we start?

We will start at 9.30 and usually be finished by 4.30. If these times don’t work for you please just let me know, I am happy to be flexible.

What do I need to prepare for the day?

There is no particular preparation needed but please do have all your login details and passwords available so we can access any systems we need to.

As we will be thinking not only about what your business should look like now but also how it may grow in the future, it is useful if you have an idea of how you would like your business to be running in 5 years time. Please don’t worry if you don’t have this vision at the moment (even if you do it is likely to change) but an idea of your goals is helpful.

What will we achieve in a day?

By the end of the day we will have mapped out your business so that all the interactions are clear and noted where your business can be strengthened by adding new processes. We will also have tackled any immediate issues you have to get the system working properly. Please make a list of anything you would like to cover and prioritise so that we are sure to cover your most pressing issues so we can prioritise them.

What happens at the end of the day?

After the discovery day I will write up the map of your business and put together a plan of action to help you build a business structure that will support your vision. We will have a 1 hour Skype call to talk through the plan and map. We will also plan your next steps.

What if I have any other questions?

Please email or call me on 07866 474208.

How to I find out more or book?

Let’s have a chat. You can book a 30 minute, no-obligation consultation with me here. We can make sure we are a good fit and then take it from there.

How does the ongoing support work?

Once your plan is in place we will arrange regular calls (there are 6, 30min calls included in the package) to ensure that you are making progress towards your ideal business. The calls are flexible and can be taken at times to suit you.

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