What some of my lovely clients have to say about working with me...

Alice taught us simple ways to take back control.

I’m now enjoying my business again and have a feeling of security around things running smoothly and even taking days off!

Helen Reynolds

Stylist, Helen Reynolds Style

If you’re a bit of a technophobe who feels overwhelmed by everything they ought to be doing for their business (like me), and you would much prefer to be doing something else (like me), then I can highly recommend the services of Alice.

She helps you understand what is best for you and your business, and also helped me with my new website. Thanks again Alice!

Louise Jones

Looby Lou Entertainment

Before finding Alice, I had been looking for a new website designer for quite some time. I knew exactly what I wanted, but no one seemed to get it. This wasn’t the case with Alice, who understood me from the off. Working with her was a very easy and stress free experience.

Alice is not only a great designer, she intuitively understands the importance of connection too. My website is great! I can’t stop looking at it, and the feedback I have received is beyond what I could have expected. I feel very lucky to have found Alice. If you need a new website then I would strongly recommend hiring her. You won’t regret it!

Hugh Osborne

Coach and Hypnotherapist, Hugh Osborne

Alice has presented complex and in-depth topics in a manageable way with her tips and presentation style. Greatly appreciate the time taken for individualised advice and feedback.

Janina Neuman

Taste of Argan Oil

This is exactly what I needed! Alice gave a very concise and constructive talk with lots of fantastic advice. And it was a lot of fun too!

Elaine Presdee

Curly Digital

I am at inbox zero! I have nothing in my inbox! Not sure how long it will last but it has really helped with my time. Thank you!!

Vicky Grey

Blue Mango

Big shout-out to the very lovely Alice Jennings who helped me finally sort out the tangled mess that WAS my email accounts this morning – something I’ve been putting off for way too long.

Thank you Alice for making it so pain-free and easy – and for the gold star for keeping my inbox below 100 messages since our VIP day in January!

Linda Anderson

Tap into Your Success

Alice has changed the way I approach my work daily. If you have the opportunity to work with her, grab it with both hands!
Sally Hindmarch

Partners With You

Just wanted to let you all know about my productive, illuminating and fantastic day with Alice on Wed. – reviewing my business and resolving ALL my technical queries and issues.

Whilst reviewing my business flow Alice was able to identify gaps, and more importantly how to fill them, easily. Wow.

Her suggestions were so do-able and she helped me shift my thoughts on writing blogs, now thats no mean feat I can tell you!

We also resolved (and she taught me how to too) all my technical issues AND we had time for a walk on the beach, unbelievable. The day was easy and not head thumping as I thought it might be!

Thank you so much Alice. You are truly gifted and your calm, easy and non-pushy style really worked for me AND I enjoyed our day. Thank you.

Debbie Prime

Soul Awakenings

Alice got me out of one of those fixes, I had tried but failed and with a 7 day deadline target I got a new website I was proud of, a logo I can use and more importantly someone I want to work with again.

Quick, efficient focused and listens to feedback. One very happy customer (Plus Alice was superb at keeping me and my baby girl Nola happy during Skype calls).

Christine Hope

Hope To Achieve

Alice’s approach and style is very calm (nothing seems to faze her!) and she has an obvious desire to ensure our businesses have processes and IT that work for us, thinking strategically about the end result and the bigger picture.  Sometimes we all need challenging about why we do things a certain way and to look at different options.
Since taking the course I have saved so much time by changing ways I do things from organising email to backing up my website.  I have saved money by using an online notebook rather than printing articles to read later (yes, I really did this!) but most importantly Alice has challenged the way I integrate the technology in my business so my time is spent more efficiently.
I would thoroughly recommend ‘Demystifying Technology’  to everyone, but especially if the word technology scares you, because Alice makes it so much easier and she gives you the tools you need to benefit and impact your business straight away.
Esther Partridge-Warner

Social Media Works

Working with Alice on my new website was so much easier and straightforward than I could ever have imagined. Nothing was too much trouble. After the initial briefing we had regular Skype calls to discuss progress and for us to go through each page together amending or making decisions along the way. It’s not always easy to decide how you want things until you can see the various options.

I would thoroughly recommend Alice as an excellent web site builder. She is so easy to deal with, has amazing technical knowledge and skill and most importantly has produce a very gorgeous and user friendly website. What more could you possibly want?

Helen Reynolds

Stylist, Helen Reynolds Style

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