“Of Course You Can” Hall of Fame! 

I have a course that teaches you how to get your first course online, ready to share. I’m so pleased to be able to share the courses created by the participants of the last round with you here. 

I’ve shared a little about the participant and then their course to hopefully give you some ideas for how a course could work for your business too.  

Built a course using my ‘Of Course You Can’ Programme? Let me know and I’ll add it to this page so people can see what we can make with the fabulous MemberVault! 

Steve McCabe is a hypnotherapist who created a short course to help people deal with a very specific anxiety.

Being able to offer short, easy to action courses is going to help Steve reach more people and demostrate his expertise.

You’re capable, very capable. You just don’t always believe it.

But if there was a way to use short, simple techniques that have been relied on for years by top performers, to keep yourself grounded and calm, would you be interested?

That’s precisely what I’m offering – tried and trusted exercises from the world of NLP that are geared to keeping you in your ideal self …. in that moment when you need to be. 

Jo is a transformational expert, working with a range of modalities to help you live your best life. She created the first of her series of Essence workshops which will align with astrological signs. 

The Essence of Aries – How To Say “I Can” and Mean It

Are there areas of your life where you’d like to feel more confident?

At work? 

In social situations? 

Maybe with a specific activity – a sport that you play?

If the answer is ‘YES’, then this mini-course will help you do just that.

It’s all about flicking your confidence switch to ON  – being able to say “I Can” – and Mean It.


Jill French is a book coach and editor of both fiction and non-fiction books. She is using a mini course to help her clients understand the track changes tool she uses when editing as well as a useful tool for anyone (like me!) puzzled by how track changes actually works!

This will save time explaining this to each new client, will help clients to feel supported and as the mini courses expand will make a valuable resource.

Using Track Changes in a Flash

The Using Track Changes in a Flash mini-course will have you up reviewing your edited manuscript in a very short time.

Short videos show:

  • how to review a Word document which has been edited using Track Changes, and
  • how to use Track Changes to collaborate with someone else 

Tineke supports Highly Sensitive People in demanding workplaces to feel confident and balanced, despite feeling easily overpowered and overwhelmed.

She’s created this great mini course as a freebie to help build her list and show potential clients the power of working with her. 

Shielding for Empaths

 6 powerful ways to protect yourself from other people’s negative and toxic energy. You can use these techniques in various situations for different types of people.

Shine your light without burning out! (Course is currently Free!)


Inger is  on a mission to help families be happy again. She has the ability to discern the root cause of unhappiness in the family so that change can happen, fast, saving you and your children years in therapy.

She’s created this great mini course as a freebie to help build her list and show potential clients the power of working with her. 

Parenting an Anxious Teenager Workshop

Are you the parent of an anxious, stressed or angry teenager?

Are you uncertain how best to deal with it?

Perhaps sometimes you are reassuring and other times you think it might be best to ‘toughen’ your teen up a little to life’s uncertainties?


Do you think having a course could help your business reach more people? Pop your name on the waitlist for the next live round of ‘Of Course You Can’ and I’ll make sure you are the first to know when I run it again. 

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