Email Marketing – some handy resources!


This page is a signpost for some resources you might find handy all about email marketing… I hope you find it useful.


Email Treasure Map

Before you get started with email marketing this map of all the steps you need to take might be useful. It works for all platforms.

A love Letter to MailerLite

Want to know why I love MailerLite so much? This started as a review of the 3 systems I use and ended up as a love letter… read it to see why!

MailerLite Power List

Decided to use MailerLite? This MailerLite  Powerlist covers the best features that you might want to get set up pronto!

Email Marketing Glossary

All the technical terms that get used with email marketing explained in English so you can understand how they work without stress.

Deliverability Report

Which Email Tool delivers?

Email Tool Tester regularly compare all the providers. You can see their latest test here. The winner is MailerLite (and so I love them even more!)

Need Active Campaign?

Then I’d like to introduce you to my lovely friend Kay Peacy at Slick business. She’ll teach you everything you need to know.

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