Hey there brave new business owner!

You’ve got a great idea for a business


You can’t wait to get out there and start sharing your offers with the world.

You just need a simple website but there are so many options! Where to start!

And what about email? Where do you get an email address? And how do you collect emails legally?


And what about colours and logos and branding?

You’ve got a great idea for a business, you’re ready to get started! But almost immediately you’re thrown into the chaos of different platforms and products on offer, all of which promise to transform your business. Before you know it you’ve spent weeks trying to decide your next step and haven’t managed to really start your business.

You’ve decided to start a business. You’re full of excitement. You start telling people about your new venture. “Have you got a website?” What’s your email address? How can I pay you? Suddenly become urgent questions and instead of getting on with the very exciting work of offering your new products or services you are thrown down a rabbit hole of research trying to find the best way to get started. 

There are so many choices! And everyone you ask recommends something different. Overwhelm central! 

You need

Get Sorted Quick

This guide will take you from the very first steps of choosing a logo and colours to creating a simple website, a way of collecting email addresses and basic branding so you can go and shout about your business and make your difference, without worrying about the tech.

Using short, easy to follow videos you can get all the basics in place in just a week, so you can get on with doing your work.



We’ll create a great logo and define your business branding


We’ll purchase a domain name and get your email sorted


We’ll have a simple website that captures email addresses and let’s people contact you


And you’ll be ready to go! 

Thank you so much for your great email marketing course. I am so happy to have finally got an email newsletter system that I can actually see myself sending regular newsletters from and actually enjoying it.

Jackie Elton

(about the Email Basics course, Green and Natural Living

When & Where?

Whenever you’re ready. Sign up for immediate access to all the modules and work at your own pace to complete the tasks you need done. 

How Much?

£29 and includes:

– short, easy to implement videos 

– a checklist so you can monitor your progress

Got Questions?

Drop me a message below or book a chat…

One of my mantras is ‘there’s no such thing as a stupid question’ so if you have a question, even one you secrelty think might be a bit stupid, then let me help you find the answer. 

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