Does your Inbox need a Detox?

Email is an integral part of business but with so much coming into your inbox it is easy for it to get cluttered and full, making it a stressful place to be.

That’s why I created my Inbox Detox Challenge!

Over the week share the 5 steps I use to make sure that my inbox stays under control and that even if I have some time off and it gets really full, I can quickly get it back down to a managable number.

The inbox detox challenge is completely FREE and it starts on Monday 4th June. 

You will get an email every day with some simple steps to take and a Facebook group for extra support and to share your wins!

You’ll need to set aside 20-30 minutes a day to get your inbox under control but I promise it will be worth it!  

Sorry the challenge is closed at the moment… I’ll be letting people know via my newsletter when I run it again. You can sign up here.