Simple steps to better SEO

SEO doesn’t need to be complicated!

Have you got a website but you haven’t ‘done’ SEO?

Would you like a better understanding of how to get more visitors to your website?

Simple Steps to Better SEO can help!


  • A l 1.5 hour session covering manageable steps to improve your website’s SEO
  • Download or watch online
  • A checklist and workbook to help you work through the step
  • £69  including a recording, workbook and checklist

“There can be so much “noise” and confusion about SEO.  Alice brilliantly explains and demonstrates how straightforward process for implementing SEO on websites.  Following her process it took me 2-3 hours to implement SEO across 8 pages of my website.  I’m thrilled as it’s something I’ve been wanting to do for ages, but didn’t know how to get done simply and easily.  Hurray for Alice!  I highly recommend this course.”

Caroline Walker, Founder and Director, Confident Teens


SEO can be super complicated which means lots of small businesses aren’t doing anything to help Google find their website.

This is really good news. Why? Because it means your competitors probably haven’t done any SEO so some simple steps on your part can make you really stand out to Google.

But I’m so busy, I don’t have time! Sure you do, a couple of hours is all you need to help you get ahead of the competiton. 

My online workshop covers:


What is SEO? Getting inside the mind of Google


How to find the right keywords for your business


What your competitors or gurus are getting found for


“On page SEO”, making your website pages look sexy to Google


“Off page” simple actions to improve your ranking


“As a result of the course, my business can finally be found on the front page of Google, I receive more engagement from the public in response to my social media and I feel that my business can now continue to grow with a clear strategy. ”

Janina Neuman, Taste of Argan Oil

What do you need to be able to get the most from this workshop?


You will need to have a site that you have access to edit in order to get the best from this course.


WordPress is ideal but Wix, Weebly and Squarespace all allow you to carry out most of the steps covered in the course .


You will need an hour and a half to watch the session and a couple of hours to do some research and make changes on your website


“The SEO course with Alice was fantastic. I had just redesigned my website, so this was the perfect moment for me to take part.

The training was easy to follow and Alice had even looked into SEO tools available within Wix- where I had built my website, so that she could give me the most accurate information.

Everything that Alice had talked about was easy to implement. and the little snippets of tech information have been great to boost my SEO. Thanks Alice, you have made me feel really confident with my website!”

Rachel Aiken, Rachel Aiken OBM


“I found Alice’s SEO course very helpful and straightforward. You don’t have to read loads of books about SEO or try to figure out what you need to know from loads of online content and YouTube videos.

Alice teaches you what you really need to know to make a great start with SEO in your small business and helps with any queries you have along the way in everyday non-techy language you can understand .

I got great value from the course for the money and the time that I invested in it. Thanks Alice!”

Deborah Chalk, Confidence Coach for Coaches. Copywriter and Content Creator for Coaches.

This workshop is £69 and includes a checklist and workbook.

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