You’re in!  

 (I’ll put all this info in an email to you too so don’t worry about reading it now if you are in a rush! )

Congratulations on taking the first step towards a clear inbox.

Regardless of what your inbox looks like now, there is a way to make it work better for you. If you have tried things before and they haven’t worked, you probably didn’t find the right method for you.

Over 5 days we are going to sort all that out, firstly getting the systems in place to make it easy to sort out your inbox and then clearing it right out so that you can send me a screen shot of your Zero Inbox to claim your certificate. Yes that’s right, certificates will be issued! 

Pre Challenge Checks

Is your email set up correctly? 

One thing that is important before we get started is that your email is set up using an IMAP connection. You can find out more about this in this blog post, but in summary you want all your email folders to look the same, whether you look on your phone, desktop or table. 

Block out some time

    I wish that just signing up for this challenge was enough to get your inbox neat and tidy but sadly it’s not.  So please go and block out some time each day on the week of the 26th to implement the steps I am going to be teaching.  

    Join the Facebook Group

    If you work better with a bit of accountability then hop over to the Facebook group where you can share your wins, ask me questions and celebrate when your inbox is lovely and clear! You can join here.

    I’ll see you on Day 1 of the Inbox Detox Challenge which will arrive bright and early on Monday 26th June!

    See you on the 12th! 


    PS Do you know someone who might benefit from this training? Please could you let them know about it? The link to sign up is


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