Online courses are very popular and there are lots of great reasons to have at least one… they help establish your authority, they give you a different income stream and they can be a great way to help people who can’t afford to work with you one to one. 

But they are also a bit daunting and it’s easy to come up with reasons not to have one. These are some of the reasons that I hear from people who want my help to get a course online but aren’t quite ready to take the leap…

I don’t think you know enough to create a course

I’m going to let you into a secret… you don’t have to be the best in the world at something to create a course on it. You just need to have enough knowledge to help people get the results they want and be able to share that knowledge in an easy to understand way. 

Lots of courses have evolved from people starting a hobby, sharing their results online and then others asking then how they do it. These people aren’t experts, they are just sharing where they are and people love it. 

And it having an online course can really confirm to your clients that you know your stuff… it elevates you above all the people who don’t have a course to offer and is great to use as a bonus for special clients. As long as you don’t pretend to be something you’re not then you don’t have to be the world expert on your subject. No knowing it all is not a good reason not to create your course!

It’s all been done before

If you search the internet there is probably an online course for pretty much everything you could ever need to know about. Want to build a space rocket? There’s a course for that. Make a crocheted doily? Course for that. Build a website? Course for that. I could go on. 

But just because a course exists on the subject you want to cover, doesn’t mean that you can’t create yours. The way you make yours will be different and also perfect for the people who need your course. Remember at school how 2 teachers could explain the same thing and one would make perfect sense and the other would be talking gobbledygook. This is why the world needs your course… your message is unique and the people who need to hear it from you think the other people are talking gobbledygook. Thinking it’s all been done before is not a good reason not to create your course!

I hate making videos

Me too. Particularly if you have to watch them back! Though actually once you get used to it it’s not that bad. AND the good news is that not all courses need videos. It’s always great to have some idea of the person behind the course so if you can create an intro video that’s great but if video is what’s stopping you then you could create slides and record yourself talking over them without having a video on. Your whole course could be audio or in some cases even written. 

Not everyone likes watching video so you could be the perfect person to make the perfect course for the people who hate video!  (Obviously this depends on your subject… ie if you want to teach choreography or how to do makeup you will probably need to do videos but it’s worth asking if there is a different way of sharing your information that would work for your students)

I don’t want to commit to expensive platforms or the hassle of managing it all myself.

Good reason. I’m also a commitment phobe and hate the idea of having to pay $100 a month for a platform I don’t really want to use anymore. But not all the options are expensive and you need to think about this as you would with any other business expense. 

If you were running an in person training you would have to hire the room so think of this as online room hire costs. Find the solution that matches your budget and start creating and marketing your course quickly so that the regular sales you make cover the cost of the platform (and more!) and you are happy to pay to be able to share your knowledge. Not wanting to pay for a platform is not a good reason not to create your course!

There are so many choices I’m completely overwhelmed

There are SO MANY options. I love the choice but agree it can be very overwhelming. I’ve played around with all the big platforms and keep coming back to one favourite. What I’ve learnt from using multiple platforms is that actually the platform doesn’t really matter that much as long as it’s easy to access and you are confident to add your content (or get someone else to do it for you!)

And if you want the decisions made for you then come and join me in my very meta new course, all about how to create your first course. I’ll show you how to set up MemberVault which is my most favourite platform in the world and be there to support you so that at the end of the week your first course is live! 

You can find out more here: OF COURSE YOU CAN

PS There is one really good reason not to have an online course and that’s that you don’t want to! This is a perfectly good reason, don’t feel pressured to have a course just because everyone else does, or your coach says you should or because it would look good. It has to be something that fits with what you want to offer and the way your business works. If you would like to talk this through then book a free chat with me. 


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