One of the questions I get ask A LOT is which is the best web hosting.  And I always recommend SiteGround. There are a few reasons for this and rather than write an essay, I thought I would show you behind the scenes so you can see exactly what it is I love about them.

The Packages

SiteGround can very easily be beaten on price. You can pick up hosting for $1 / month but in my experience the best web hosting costs more than that!  SiteGround’s pricing is all inclusive, you get email, security certificates, backups and brilliant support all included in your pricing. Watch the video to find out more.

The SiteGround Interface

Once you log in to your web hosting you want it to be easy to navigate to where you want to go. SiteGround have recently overhauled their interface and it’s modern, easy to understand and quick to use. You can see more in the video below.

SiteGround Plugins

As well as fast hosting, nice interfaces and great support, SiteGround have created some plugins for your website that help it to work better. As a customer you get these included. The SiteGround Optimiser helps to compress your images, get your security certificate working properly, use caching to make your site load faster plus lots more! 

Their SiteGround Security plugin helps to prevent attacks on your site by allowing you to lock down files and folders at the flick of a toggle switch as well as limiting login attempts and changing default, easy to guess, names and links to make it harder to hack. 

You can see both plugins at work in the video below.

Awesome support

Even if SiteGround didn’t have all these amazing features, I’d still happily pay slightly more just to get access to their support. Working for clients on a range of hosting I can honestly say it is the best out there. However, it can be a tiny bit tricky to access so take a look a this video showing you how quickly you can get to support once you know where to click!  

All inclusive, easy to use with tip top support if you need it. That’s my opinion of SiteGround. If you fancy giving them a go then you can check them out here.

*If you click my affiliate link I do get a reward if you sign up. You won’t pay more for using this link and I use Siteground myself and recommend them because I love them.

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