I’m writing this on Earth day so it seems only fitting to share a tool that will help you to check how sustainable your website is. 

As we move away from paper and towards digital it’s easy to feel like we are becoming more sustainable but the amount of power required to support the millions of websites, apps and email addresses that the global population is using is estimated to be around 4-6% of all energy use. 

One easy thing you can do is make sure your website hosting is carbon neutral. This is really easy to do using the greenweb tool you can find here. 

Simply enter your website address and it will confirm whether your hosting is green or not. If it is you can get a badge to put in your footer (like mine is below) to show visitors this is something you care about. 

If your site is green then you will get taken to this screen:

Copy the code and hop over to your website. Find your footer widgets and drop the code into an html code block there and your badge will proudly show up! 

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