Copy and Paste is a super useful tool that you are hopefully familiar with. You can either use the right click on your mouse to access the copy and paste mini menu OR you can use the keyboard shortcuts of Control + C / V on Windows or Command + C / V on a Mac.

But what happens once you have copied something else and that’s overwritten the thing you copied earlier that you now wish you could access. Do you have to go back and find the original and copy again? No! There is a simple way to access this. It’s so good I have to tell you. There are 2 different ways to do this depending on your platform so just scroll down to the relevant video below and you’ll be on your way (they are about 2 minutes long, you’ll get that time back 3 fold before you know it).

Windows Users

This short video shows you how it works but if you can’t be bothered to watch just click the windows button + v to find the magic clipboard! 


Mac Users

Mac’s don’t come with a built in super clipboard but there is a free little add on that will do it for you. This video shows you how.

I hope you love this tip as much as I love using it!

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