zumba album coverI tried that and it didn’t work

When I am out and about and get asked the inevitable ‘What do you do?’ and I usually explain my love of technology and how it can help make more time in our lives for the things we love.  I often hear ‘I tried that but it didn’t work for me’ which got me thinking.

And I have concluded that getting your systems to work for you is a lot like Zumba

About 3 years ago I bought a complete set of Zumba DVDs. The claim on the front of the DVD was bold. Complete Total-Body Transformation System. Wow. Keen to regain the nice muscular tummy I had before my babies demolished my midriff I purchased the DVDs and put them carefully next to the DVD player. Which is pretty much where they have remained (Sound familiar?)

Occasionally I am overtaken by some unexpected enthusiasm and do a frantic hour of leaping around the lounge (much to the amusement of the causes of my wobbly tummy) and then nothing for a few more months. So would I say that Zumba works for me? Not really. Has it transformed me into a lean, fit, dancing machine? Definitey not. But does that mean that Zumba doesn’t make you fit and tone your stomach? No. It means that I didn’t commit to putting in the work and so I didn’t get the results.

You get out what you put in

Using systems in your business is just the same. It is not enough to create a twitter account and hop on for a tweet every now and then and expect more customers to come knocking. Yes there may be a lucky few that this has worked for but in the main you need a plan and you need commitment. Tweet regularly and you will see your follower numbers increase and you may well get new leads from your efforts. Technology is a commitment and like most commitments the more you put in the more you get out.  You get out what you put it.

So my plea to you for today… think about how you feel about the systems you have in your business. Are you like me and the Zumba DVD? If you don’t feel you are getting the most from technology then maybe it’s time to start improving your relationship with it. Lots of people who want a flat tummy get a personal trainer or coach and technology is no different. Next time I’ll be letting you in on some tips for getting technology to work really hard for you and in the meantime I think I might go and dig out that Zumba DVD!

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