Google Analytics is changing. If you have a website using Google Analytics and haven’t switched to the new Google Analytics 4 then you should probably take action! This post explains what you need to do and why…

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a tool provided by Google to give you information about visitors to your website.  You connect your website to Google Analytics and 

Until recently when you set up analytics you would use standard Universal Analytics BUT this service is being discontinued. 

From 1st July 2023 ( in a year) Universal Analytics will stop collecting data. Because it’s useful for you to able to compare last year and this year it’s recommended that you set up the new Google Analytics 4 before the end of the month to enable you to have two years to compare.

How do I know which Analytics I am using?

Log into Google Analytics and you can see from the name of the property which one you have. See below for more information.

Why is Google changing from Universal Analytics (UA) to Google Analytics 4 (GA4)?

Universal Analytics is 17 years old and a lot has changed on the internet since it was created. The need for better privacy for users and improvements in technology mean that a new platform was the best way forward.  Google Analytics 4 will be running in parallel with UA for the next year to give you chance to  switch over and have some historic data on GA4 so you can easily compare year on year. 

What are the differences between UA and GA4?

For many users the differences will be minor. However, Google will be focusing on making sure the new offer will comply with privacy rulings so you are better to have the new system set up.  There are some differences in the way that the 2 versions collect and display data and I’ll cover this in a different blog, the first step is go get GA4 set up.

Do I need to do this now?

Yes and no. The easiest way to understand the changes to the data is to have data to look at. The only way to get that is to set up GA4 on your website so I recommend you do that now.

Once Google Analytics is collecting data using GA4 you can come back in a couple of months and start to grips with the new data style, ready for the switch over in July 2023. You’ll also have a full year of data by then so you’ll have good continuity.

Is it easy?

It’s pretty straightforward, if you set up your Google Analytics you should be fine. If you didn’t set it up yourself you might want some help. Google have provided a lot of information about how to make the change which you can view here.

How much will it cost?

Nothing. Google Analytics is free to use

I don’t understand the instructions!

Google does like to write things in quite a techy way! If you would like a short video on how to connect up Google Analytics 4 you can get it by signing up to my Ten Minute Tech club. It’s the weekly video for the week of 3rd July and will be in the library forever more.  You can find out more about the club here.

If you would just like someone to do it for you then get in touch

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