Do you wish you did more on social media but never know what to post? Me too!

A few years ago I did a lot of tech training, including getting people started on how to use social media and I created a resource, 30 things to post on social media.

I’ve been thinking about my marketing strategy for the next 90 days and being more present on social media was definitely one of the things I needed to do and then I remembered the cheat sheet. Who says you can’t use your own resources? So I’ve printed it off for inspiration and I thought you might find it useful too.

I’ve posted the suggestions below and if you would like a copy to print off for the wall then click below for the printable version. Let me know if you have any other suggestions and maybe we can get it up to 50 things!

30 things to post on social media…

  1.  Take a picture of your office or view out of the window
  2. Share the profile of a business you think your followers would like
  3. Create a short video, featuring people or products from your business
  4. Answer a question. Use questions to are asked most often for maximum points!
  5. Introduce a team member or someone who has worked with you
  6. Share a new story your followers might like
  7. Share your latest email newsletter or announcement
  8. Interview a customer
  9. Post a fill-in-the-blank
  10. Link to an infographic you think your audience will enjoy
  11. Share a favourite quote
  12. Show off your expertise with a helpful tip
  13. Award a customer or follower ‘Fan of the month’
  14. Post something in celebration of a company milestone, birthday, or little-known holiday. You can find some
  15. Tell people about something you are looking forward to
  16. Correct a common misconception that is relevant to your audience
  17. Share something funny
  18. Share your favourite book, story, film or song and ask for theirs
  19. Share your story. Why do you love what you do?
  20. Share a great post from someone else.
  21. Share an ambition you hope to achieve.
  22. Share your favourite quote
  23. Give a shout out an organisation that supports small businesses
  24. Post something seasonal
  25. Post a statistic that is interesting to your audience
  26. Promote your other social media channels
  27. Ask a multiple choice question or use the poll feature to run a poll
  28. Ask people if they would like to join your email mailing list
  29. Thank your customers for their support
  30. Share something about an event that you recently attended
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